Thursday, October 15, 2009

Review: Disney Parks Blog

Today, I want to start a new segment where once every couple of months, I'm going to delve into the Disney community and take a look at some sort of "Disney Product" which can be something as simple as a blog or it can be a book, a CD, a magazine, a video, etc and give a review on said product and how well it may or may not benefit the Disney community.

The first "Disney Product" I want to take a look at is something that is relatively new. Disney recently launched this blog less than a month ago (Sept. 28th to be exact) and it's been very interesting to see how this new blog has grown over the past few weeks.

First things first, the blog can be found at It is written by many different people involving many different facets of the Disney company ranging from the Social Media Director of the Disney Parks, a spokesman for the Disney Cruise Line, the Sports Media Director for WDW, the Worldwide Marketing & Business Development Director for Weddings and Honeymoons, plus many others within the Disney organization.

Because of this, there is one minor thing I don't care for with the blog. I mostly spend my focus on what's going on at the WDW resort...I very rarely focus on what may be going on with some of the other areas...such as Disneyland Resort or the Cruise Line. I wish the blog could focus on one specific park the whole time, instead of being under the "Disney Parks" umbrella that Disney has been keeping all of their parks under for the past few years. However, with that being said...since it's a blog, it is easy to skim over the parts you don't care about quite easily.

One of the things I really like the most about this blog is that it's updated typically once a day, at least, and often times, updated with more than one post per day. And I LOVE that the information is all current. For example, yesterday they talked about the Sum of All Thrills attraction which opened in Innoventions at Epcot yesterday. They also talked interviewed the new President of the Disneyland Resort (George Kalogridis) a day after he was announced as the president. I really enjoy that the info that's given isn't all canned info that you can find pretty much anywhere on the web.

I also really like the stuff that they use to enhance the posts. Often they will include pictures of the things they are discussing or even better, they will have a video to supplement an article.

Oh and another favorite thing is that they do allow for people to post comments. (Granted they are moderated by Disney first before they are posted). But it is nice because if you have a follow up question, they can respond to them.

They do archive the different posts, so if you're looking for something specific, you can find it easily. Examples of different topics include Walt Disney World, Behind the Scenes, Disney Difference, Vacation Planning, etc.

You can also subscribe to the blog, either by RSS or email. I chose the email version and each day they have a blog posted, they will message you saying what they topics were that were discussed, as well as the articles included in the email for a quick glimpse.

One thing I don't really like is that it appears that only the last 3 blog entries are fully listed. Once you get past the last three entries, they do a quick overview of the topic with a link to the specific posting. I really wished they just kept the full entries available without having to click to a different page.

In all, this new blog seems like a fantastic way to stay on top of what's going on in the Disney community, specifically from Disney's mouth itself. I can't wait to see how the blog progresses in the upcoming months and years. I know it has become a must stop at for me each day now. Hopefully it will for you as well.

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