Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dining Review: Kona Cafe

This past trip, I got to eat my way around WDW, one Table Service Meal at a time. One of my ressies that I was most excited about was a trip to Kona Cafe, located at the Polynesian Resort on the second floor.

I had heard good things about this restaurant from many different sources and had a day where I needed to switch a reservation up, so I thought, why not try Kona?

I have to tell you, I am SO glad I did. Kona is definitely one of Disney's Best Kept Secrets out there. (So, don't tell anyone else about it, alright?)

First of all, I fell in LOVE with the Polynesian resort this past trip. It has become on of the places where I would love to stay next chance I get.

We get to the restaurant and have to wait a few minutes because the place is packed. We are finally seated in a cozy little booth and given menus. The place looks so homey. It's color palate is lots of reds and browns.

They also bring out the most amazing bread ever. It's called the Kona Sweet Bread and it is served with a Macadamia Honey Butter. I could eat loaves of this bread with this butter. It is SO good. But, alas, I had a meal to eat, so I had to stop eating the bread.

I decided to try the Teriyaki-style New York Strip, which is a sirloin strip steak that's covered with a teriyaki pineapple glaze. My meal was served with sticky rice and broccolini.

The steak was fantastic. The glaze gave it a very good, sweet flavor. It was different, but was a nice compliment for the steak. The sticky rice was also very good...especially when mixed with a little of the teriyaki pineapple glaze from the steak. I didn't really try the broccolini, as I'm not a huge fan of cooked broccoli flavored stuff.

For dessert, I had the most decadent concoction EVER. It is known as the Kilauea Torte ...or as I like to call it, Chocolate Heaven! It is basically a chocolate cookie crust on the outside and warm chocolate sauce on the inside that spills out of it. It is phenomenally rich. I'm a chocolate lover and I couldn't even finish it, that's how rich it was! It was also served with a side of ice cream, which does help the richness a bit. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to eat more than half!

So, would I suggest going to Kona? Heck yes! It was a fantastic meal. The restaurant is fabulous and has now become one of the places I will definitely check for availability when I'm down in Florida. (But remember, keep Kona our little secret, ok?! :) )

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