Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News & Rumors 9/7/09 - 9/23/09

Hello all! And welcome to a massive News & Rumors update! Sorry for the delay, but we've got lots to talk about, so let's dive right in! :)


  • First off...all the news about D23...a brand new Fantasyland expansion is coming! Included in this brand new expansion will be a brand new Little Mermaid attraction, a few new restaurants, including a sit-down restaurant called Be Our Guest and is based off Beauty and the Beast, a new Dumbo area, including 2 Dumbo attractions with a brand new type queue (where you will receive a feather to hold your place in line while you and your kids play in a 3 ring circus atmosphere...when it's your turn to ride, the feather will let you know...much like they do in restaurants with the pager system), and a Pixie Hollow area. The first half of the expansion is expected to be done in 2012 while the second part is expected to be done in 2013. For more information, visit my previous blog post about this topic. Or to see the full announcement, see this video
  • Star Tours II has officially also been announced. Not too many details about this, except for the fact that it will be shown in 3D and it will include Pod Racing. It's still being rumored though that you will get to experience the attraction in multiple ways with multiple scenarios being present each time. The attraction is expected to go down Oct. 2010 and reopen in 2011. For the official announcement, click here.
  • Also announced was that the Muppets will be getting some love. First off, it appears as if they are going to digitally remaster the MuppetVision 3D film. Next, they are going to include a Muppet WhatNot Workshops at WDW where you can build your own Muppet, and they will be having a Muppet Mobile Electric Mayhem Band being introduced as well.
  • In non-D23 news now...LaNouba is set to have a price increase starting Oct. 6th.
  • Luxo Jr. is now once again doing shows at DHS in the Pixar Place courtyard.
  • The Oct. 31st Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is officially sold out.
  • The Night of Joy will be returning to the Magic Kingdom in 2010.
  • Cat Cora's new restaurant, Kouzzina is now officially open. For an idea of what is on the menu, visit here.
  • A suspicious device was found underneath one of the buses at WDW on Sept. 17th. This halted all bus service around the resort while they checked each bus. Turns out the device was an tire pressure monitor that had been left on the bus from year's past. For more info on the story, click here.
  • A new tour is set to take place during the holiday season. From Nov. 30th through Dec. 16th guests can discover how the twinkle of holiday magic is created for celebrations like the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, get an insider’s look into the transformation of Cinderella Castle to a sparkling holiday masterpiece and bask in the holiday glow of the Candlelight Processional, one of the longest-running Disney holiday traditions. The tour costs $179 for ages 16 and up and theme park admission is not required. The tour is expect to last 4 and a half hours.
  • There's a new and more affordable way to enjoy some private time at Typhoon Lagoon. On the tail of the Beachcomber Shacks, Disney is now offering Premium Beach Chair Spaces. The cost is $40 and you will receive 2 lounge chairs, and umbrella, 2 beach towels and a small table.
  • The Wishes Dessert Parties at the Tomorrowland Terrace at the Magic Kingdom's dates have been extended yet again. This time, the Dessert Parties are expected to run through Dec. 29th.
  • In refurb news, the Magic Carpets of Aladdin is expected to be down for refurbishment from Dec. 6th - 19th.
  • Reported as a rumor earlier this year, it is confirmed that Crystal Palace will be down for refurb from Jan. 3rd - Feb. 13th.
  • The Living With the Land boat ride in Epcot's The Land pavilion was expected to open Nov. 1st from it's refurb. That date has now been moved up to Oct. 4th.
  • Thumper and Miss Bunny will be doing meet and greets in Camp Minnie-Mickey at DAK starting Oct. 4th.
  • Lastly, as noticed from my trip: the TTA has officially reopened and while there were no major changes besides some new lighting effects, it was cool to go into Space Mountain and see what little could be seen. They do have boards up so you can't see most of the work, however, there are a few spots where you can just sort of peek through for a second, if you know where to look. Also, I could smell fresh paint and construction in Space Mountain and you can hear them working during work hours.


  • It's being rumored that we may be seeing another discount from Disney sometime within the next week or so.

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Clare Swindlehurst said...

It has been a busy month for Disney announcements hasn't it! I can't wait to visit that Fantasyland Expansion - the concept art looks amazing.