Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Disney/Marvel and the Top 30 Must Sees Part 4!

Alright! This is it! We've made it to the final 5 things I'm most excited about for my upcoming Disney trip!!! I'm excited...are you?!

But, first, let's talk about Disney and Marvel.

As many of you know...Disney recently bought Marvel for $4 Billion. A lot of people are excited about this and it's implications for the theme parks. Me...not so much. Although I am trying to have an open mind about the whole issue. I mean, I don't mind Star Wars, Aerosmith, Twilight Zone, and even Winnie the Pooh, who wasn't an original Disney character, but yet, I now immediately associate with why does this merger bother me so?

I believe it's because of what I associate SuperHeroes with, which is "the other parks." Because Superheros are so prominent in parks like Six Flags and Universal, I immediately associate them with "cheap." Of course, that's not saying they are cheap or that Disney would use them in a cheap manor...but unfortunately, that's where my mind automatically goes, because that's where it's been in the past. It's going to take a really GREAT ride from Disney for me to change my mind about this...and I am sure, that if and when said ride is announced, I'm not gonna be super thrilled about the idea...but as I mentioned before, I'm going to try to look at it with an open mind, the way I attempt to look at everything else.

The one thing to note though, is that Universal has a standing agreement that it is to be the only theme park with Marvel ties east of the Mississippi (at least for current characters they already's not really clear if this is true for character that aren't used, such as Iron Man). What this means for WDW is that it's not at all likely we'll be seeing a Hulk or Spiderman attraction in our parks anytime soon. However, because Disneyland is West of the Mississippi, I wouldn't be surprised if Disney decides to incorporate Marvel comics in there.

But now...what you've really come here for...(sure it!) the final Top 5 Must Sees for my WDW trip this month!

5. The Fireplace at the Wilderness Lodge. Yes, I'm aware it will be summer, but there is just something so relaxing about going to visit the fireplace on the (I believe 4th floor) of the Wilderness Lodge. We found this gem on our last trip and it really is the perfect way to end an evening...curled up in front of a fire...even if it's 80 degrees outside.

4. Yachtsman Steakhouse. This is our first time eating at a 2 table service restaurant...and boy are we excited. We would have never eaten here if we didn't have free dining. I can't wait to try the deliciousness that this restaurant has to offer.

3. Our Instructional Couples Massage. Now, I know what you're thinking. This sounds dirty...but really, it's not. This was a gift from my hubby for my birthday and it was an incredibly thoughtful (and expensive!) gift. With this, we get to go the Grand Floridian Spa and they will teach us, in a three hour instructional "class", how to give each other proper massages. It sounds so decadent...and something that I would have never thought of I'm glad the hubby did!

2. Pop Century. Yes...we are excited about our hotel. And why? Because to us, Pop Century is home. It is the place that screams Disney for us. It is filled with great whimsy and delight and stepping in that lobby just makes me happy. (And the smell, which this hotel does have, makes me happy too.) I love the food court and shop here and the theme, which is just larger than life icons, is fantastic. I'm getting excited just thinking about being there!

And the number one thing we're looking forward to the most while at WDW is.......

1. Spending un-interrupted time with each other. Yes, I know it sounds sappy...but this is the thing we look the most forward to. Getting to be with each other with no one else clamoring for our attention. Getting to focus on spending great quality time together is the best perk about going on vacation and here, we really get to focus on being kids with each other. And the best part is, when we get back from our vacations, we are never sick of each other. We're actually sad that our quality time together has to end. (I know, you're all thinking...gag me! lol!)

So, that's gonna do it...the Top 30 Must Sees for our WDW trip! I hope you had as much fun following along as we did making up this list.

Next week, I'll talk in a bit more detail about what our trip entails! :)


Michelle said...

Aw, you two are so cute. Love your #1 answer!

I agree that Pop feels like home and has that unique smell.

Can't wait to hear all about the dirty couples massage too. ;)

DebWDW said...

Very cool! I haven't made it over to Pop yet, but I might pop into the food court on my November trip. I don't think adding Marvel is a bad thing -- it will definitely give Disney some options for the boys. Have a super trip! Can't wait to see your tweets!