Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top 30 Must Sees Part 3

Hello and welcome back to this week's installment of the Top 30 Must Sees.

This week, I thought I'd put you all in a little more suspense...(and I counted wrong! lol!!!), we're only going to look at numbers 10-6...leading up to next week's grand reveal of numbers 5-1! :)

So, without further adieu:

10. Disney Transportation. There's just something so exciting about using Disney transportation, at least to me. It makes me feel like I'm I really am on vacation, even though I'm just sitting on a standard bus. But when you add the music and the "Disney Spiel" to it...even a plain old bus can be magical. (Plus, who can forget the monorail and the boats!)

9. Blizzard Beach. This is the quintessential water park for my hubby and I. It has tons of rides we love, a theme that is amazing, and yes, it is a relaxing place. It is our favorite water park, bar none and it's been too long since we've been.

8. Eating ice cream at our favorite spot on Main Street USA. This has become a tradition for us. It's basically one of the few traditions that my hubby and I have. We love getting the delicious ice cream they serve and getting a table in that little alcove just off of Main Street. It is the perfect place to let the crowds pass on through and soak up more of that great Disney atmosphere.

7. The Pool. This one is all my hubby's. While I love the pool, it's not typically why I take a vacation. But for him...his vacation must include a pool day. So, I send him to the pool and go visit the park he hates the most, Animal Kingdom.

6. Riding the TTA with a snack. This right here is one of our absolute favorite ways to kick back in the parks. It's so relaxing just soaking up the atmosphere of Tomorrowland on the TTA and (sneakily) eating a Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar...or a thing of popcorn. It's just a great way to really be in the moment.

So, that's gonna do it for this week, but come back next when when we'll finish up this list! What will be the final 5? Only time will tell. :)

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