Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Top 30 Must Sees!

As many of you know...I have a trip to WDW scheduled soon. Very soon, in fact. Matter of fact, I am officially less than one month away. And let me tell you, I am BURSTING at the seams! I want to go so badly it hurts.

So, in preparation of my upcoming trip, my wonderful husband indulged me and we together came up with our Top 30. The 30 things we're most excited about for this upcoming trip and are counting down each day to number one. Each one of us gave our own takes, so we have a little bit of both of us in our countdown.

I thought I would share with you...10 each week, with the final week before the trip talking about the trip in more detail. (Of course, if regular stuff crops up, I'll definitely include that in my weekly update as well. Not to worry.)

So, without further adieu, numbers 30-21!

30: 30 minutes of arcade time. Now this one, obviously isn't from me. lol! But, despite that, the 30 minutes of free play we get for our vacation package will definitely be fun for the two of us!
29: Palm Trees. I LOVE palm trees. You have to me, palm trees are what make a vacation feel like a vacation. They make me happy to no end. Therefore, every time I see my first palm tree...I squeal just a little bit inside. :)
28: Going along with that one...we have the thick Florida grass. Once again, this is not from me. This one is totally my hubby's choice. He mows grass on the side as kinda a hobby. Therefore, this grass makes him excited. I don't know. Can't explain it. lol...he picked it.
27: Taking a Picture in the 90 Hole at Pop Century: This is a tradition for us. Each year, we take one picture in the huge structures that stand outside Pop Century, showing one of the decades the hotel features. This year, will be our 5th stay at Pop...therefore, we have finally made it to the 1990 zero. After this, I have no idea if we'll start over or if we'll do something else, but this is a must do for us.
26: Stacey's Must Dos: While I know they change the format for the resort TV (which is what this list's origins came from...well that and a poster on wdwmagic who did something similar.) I love getting to watch Stacey. And this year, a new program for me to get sucked into. Yay!
25: Whooping me at TSMM. Again, one of my hubby's. He thinks he's got a chance to beat me at this game. Not a chance at all my friend...not a chance at all. He hasn't done it yet and he's not going to get to.
24: Jellyrolls. This one, surprisingly enough did not come from me. Instead, it came from Brian. He actually wants to try to go to the dueling piano bar...I can't tell you how shocked I am.
23: Characters in Flight: This one is mine...and I am super excited about this one. I think it's going to be really cool. Definitely something I want to try out.
22: People Watching: as we move up our list, this gets more and more difficult. But people watching falls in here. This is one of the most entertaining things. Whether you are just waiting for something or you want to stop and relax a bit, this is one of the best activities to do.
21: Kona. I have never tried this restaurant and I've heard such great things about it. I'm very anxious to do so.


Richard said...

You will enjoy Characters in Flight!

Michelle said...

Love your list! Can't wait to hear all about Characters in Flight.

I hope you aren't disappointed with the new Stacy show - I kinda was. :(

Looking forward to the next 10.

Amanda said...

Great list...It looks like we'll be there around the same time. I'll be there Sept 5-19...I know what you mean - I can't wait to go either!!!