Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Top 30 Must Sees (Part 2)

Alright, here we go again...we're counting down from number 20 to 11...the further we get down on the list, the harder it is to pick the order! But let's see what other things I'm most looking forward to when we go down to WDW.

20. Being away from our worries. This one, is a no brainer. Or at least it should be. And the past few months have left me with a lot of worries, but by the time this trip comes up, the majority of our worries should be behind us. (At least for the time being. :) )
19. Seeing the Halloween Decorations. I can't tell you all how cool it is to see the Magic Kingdom all decorated for the fall festivities. The decorations are second only to Christmas time. They always look great.
18. Going to rope drop--at least one. This is certainly not my pick...this one is all my husband. He has never seen rope drop and he wants to try it. We'll see if we make it.
17. Splash Mountain. We don't typically have many rides listed on here...but Splash is an all time favorite. And since Space is down...well, it will have to do.
16. Meeting with some of the podcast listeners. The Be Our Guest Podcast has some great listeners and I'm looking forward to meeting those of you who I will get to meet on this trip!
15. Low crowds/short waits. This is such a perk for this time of year. I love when I can walk right onto things or having to wait only about 15 minutes max for attractions. (With the exception of some of the biggies). This is why we go in September. Low crowds and well, the next thing...
14. Not having to pay for food. Along with that last one, this is the other real reason why we go in September. Free Dining. Who can pass up the opportunity to gorge yourself with food, oh and not pay a dime for said food. It's a wonderful thing...and it's how we try some of those restaurants we aren't sure we'd try if we were paying for it.
13. Seeing Other Resorts. This trip, we have a lot of Table Service meals scheduled for the resorts. We did this so we'd get the opportunity to explore places we've never stayed. Really get to know some of these areas. And dream about the day when we can afford to stay there.
12. 3 words....No Way Jose. It was hard placing this one this is one of the best desserts on property. How can you go wrong with chocolate, peanut butter, ice cream, and whipped cream? Answer: you cannot!
11. Experiencing the parks at night. This is my favorite time in the parks. From Tomorrowland with it's neon, to World Showcase being all lit up, to the eeriness of seeing the TOT all spooky...the night time lighting in the parks is phenomenal and one of my favorite parts about going to the parks.

So, that's gonna do it for this week. Get ready, because next week, we're gonna count down to number 1!


DebWDW said...

Great list! And it's a good idea to eat at the resorts. It's great to get there early and take a stroll, and then do a little more exploring after you eat to walk off some calories! Can't wait to see what the last 10 are -- and that will mean it's almost time to go!

Anonymous said...

The Rope Drop at the MK is definitely worth getting up early for! We saw the one at DHS (last October) too it was pretty cute.