Thursday, August 6, 2009

Disney Dining Plan Price Increase

Disney has increased not just the price of the park tickets for 2010...they have also increased the price of the dining plan for 2010. And they have made a few changes along the way.

Let's take a look at how the dining plans will now shake out for the 2010 year.

First off, Disney will still be offering the Quick Service Dining Plan. This plan will still include 2 Quick Service meal options per night, per guest. (The meal options will still offer one entrée or entrée combo, dessert, and non-alcoholic drink.) Plus guests will still be allowed 2 snacks per guest, per night. Also, guests will be given refillable mugs (per person) valid at your hotel. This dining plan has increased in price to $31.99. (Less than $10 for kids)

Disney will also still be offering the Deluxe Dining Plan as well, which costs $69.99 (less than $20 for kids) and includes 3 meal entitlements for either Table Service or Counter Service restaurants. (In which meals will include appetizer, entrée, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverage...gratuity not included). Guests will also receive a refillable mug (per person) valid at your hotel. Also, this dining plan will afford guests with 2 snacks per person, per day.

The dining plan that has changed the most though is the regular Disney Dining Plan. This year, the plan will have 2 different prices, depending on what time of year you go.

During these travel dates: 1/01/10 – 2/11/10 ; 4/11/10 – 6/03/10 ; 8/15/10 – 12/16/10 the dining plan will cost $41.99 for adults. (Less than $12 for kids) However, it will cost $46.99 during these time periods: 2/12/10 – 4/10/10 ; 6/04/10 – 8/14/10 ; 12/17/10 – 12/31/10. (Less than $13 for kids)

The dining plan itself has not changed. You will still be allowed 1 Table Service meal per Guest, per night, which includes: entrée, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverage OR full buffet and non-alcoholic beverage, gratuity not included. You'll also still receive 1 Quick Service meal per guest, per night, which includes: entrée or entrée combo, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverage. And of course, you will still receive 1 Snack per guest per night.

This Friday's podcast will delve into our opinions on the price increase of the dining plan, as well as the ticket price increase. Check it out at And Happy Dining! :)


vgsmom said...

I have not used the dining plan but it always intrigues. My family of just three so far has not found the need to try it. Is there a break even chart somewhere that let's you know when it's a better deal than not?

Unknown said...

I believe I remember an old WDWToday episode talking about what Disney thinks people spend on each meal for the dining plan. But I can't remember what it is offhand.

I believe that as a standard guide though you will need to spend $25 on TS, $10 on CS and $4 on Snack...give or a take to at least break even. So if you're spending about that or more on your meal, you are doing well. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm at Disney World now... my first trip ever, and I highly recommend it! If you're staying on Disney, you'll end up eating here too, and food costs a fortune. We have saved probably about 30-40% for sure!