Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tweeting in the Parks

Wow...after a week of non-stop news and rumors...this week, things have been extremely light. No real news or rumors in sight.

So, for today's topic, we're going to look at the use of Twitter in the parks.

As many of you know, I can be found on Twitter (see the side for my link to me) and I have been sucked up in the craze like so many others. It really is a fun little tool to use. And even more fun, is following people who are on trips to Disney. You can follow right along as they are doing things and it really makes you feel as if you are there. (Especially if they do things like take pictures or include audio files in their tweets as well!)

Now, on the show that we did about using technology in the parks, I didn't know how I felt about using Twitter while I was there. I knew I would use it, but I worried about how much would be too much.

I was also worried about the impact it would have on my husband. I didn't want to take any of our quality vacation time away from him.

So, this weekend, I kind of gave the whole "Twitter Trip Report" a trial run. This weekend on a trip to Kansas City, I twittered quite a bit about the whole experience. (The good...and the accident.) I wanted to see how much it would impact my vacation and see if it was something that I thought would be rather doable when I make my trek down to the World in September.

The thing that I learned the most about my weekend, is that using Twitter for updating my goings-ons, wasn't so bad. I really didn't feel that it interfered with the time that I had with my husband at all. I also didn't think that it interfered with how much fun I had either. Matter of fact, it actually made the trip more fun because I got to share it! (Which sounds weird, but, trust me, it does make things better.)

What made me enjoy it even more was that my husband actually enjoyed it and started asking me questions. He would ask things like what I had posted or what people were responding with about what I had posted. It actually ended up being a bit of a bonding experience between the two of us, since I could share you all with him too!

So, because of my experience this past weekend, I would definitely say that Twittering will be a part of my Disney vacation. And I'm excited to do so. I think it's going to be a fun extension of the Disney experience....and will make it a trip like no other. Because I get to also interact with you. I don't have to be cut off from the outside world totally anymore. Which I know some would say goes against the point...but to me, it really enhances the point...which is sharing the love of Walt Disney World with others.

Look for my tweets then, starting Sept. 11th. And I'll take you all along for the ride! :)


Mike said...

Nice article, Rikki! Well said, and I agree! :)

Jennifer said...

Nice article! I feel like it doesn't interfere when done in moderation. I didn't tweet when we went in January, but I did update my facebook status often (usually while waiting for my family to get out of the restroom or while we were waiting for our table or in a line, etc) and it was fun both for us and for family/friends.

Anything in moderation... :)