Thursday, July 16, 2009

Post Disney Blues

A day late and a dollar short, but here I am...didn't forget about you all! :)

A lot of times people ask how do you get past the Post-Disney Blues?

I'll's not an easy thing. And even for me...trips will vary. Sometimes I'll feel the blues more than others.

Like my last trip in February...I didn't really feel any blues, since I knew I was coming back in September. However, next January, when I go for marathon weekend, I'm sure I'll feel blues, since I won't know when my next trip will be exactly.

However, I do know, those blues, really, really stink. They almost hurt sometimes. Now, there is for SURE one way to cure them. And that's when you have another trip planned.

Of course, that luxury isn't for everyone. So, what do the rest of us do?

Well, first, a lot of times people think getting away from the Disney community helps. To me, it doesn't though. I love having my Disney family around to get me through the hard times because they know what it's like and how hard those blues really can be. It's still great being surrounded by like minded people.

Another thing I love doing is helping others plan for their trips. It's so great imparting wisdom to people who don't know a lot about it. (Or if they do know what they're doing, helping out with a great restaurant suggestion or something new you're heard about.)

One of my favorite ways to help with those blue feelings is following people on Twitter who are actually on their trips. You get to "get away" with them right from your own home. All you need is to just close your eyes and imagine. Or better yet, some take pics, so you really do feel as if you're right there with them! Touring along side.

Another great way to help those blues is listening to podcasts. I don't say this because I'm the co-host of one, but because it's what I always do to get over the sadness. I love listening to the other podcasters and hearing all their takes on our favorite place. I'm a fan, just like you all are! :)

I also like visiting forums and soaking up some of the magic that they have. We have a great set of forums at Lots of friendly people. We really are like our own little family. And we always welcome those who are planning or who just need a Disney fix.

Last thing I like to do is listen to Mike Newell puts out such great music on his station. It just makes you feel like you are in Walt Disney World. I love listening to it while I'm just sitting here at work. Daydreaming, wishing I could be somewhere else.

Of course, these options aren't just for people who have the Disney World Blues. A lot of these options work for those who have trips planned as well.

So no matter whether you've got a trip planned or you're recovering from those post trip blues, there are ways to feel connected to the most Magical Place on Earth. And who doesn't like getting away, even while doing the mundane at home, just a little bit?

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