Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We're Almost In Space, Dad! this title isn't probably funny to anybody else but me and my husband...but that's ok. (On our first trip to Florida together...after we'd taken off on the plane, a little girl said this to her dad and my hubby and I just started busting up laughing...ah, the things kids say! :) )

Anyway...let's touch on a few of the recent rumors I've heard in a bit more detail. So, let's get on with the first real topic of today, Space Mountain!

There are some new reports coming out about this infamous ride...some of it actual news and some of it, great rumors. I thought I'd go through a discuss a little bit of both.

First off, in the news category, the Orlando Sentinel recently reported that Disney had filed for some construction permits that allowed them to install an interactive queue and some audio/visual updates. Now, what does this mean for the queue as it stands now? Well, it means we may be seiing something along the lines of what you see currently while waiting in line to get on Soarin at Epcot. Although, it does make me a tad bit sad. I loved the queue to Space. It's so kitchy and retro just feels so right. But, I guess I won't mind it too much, as long as I can still hear that Star Tunnel music! That is a must for me. I'm so hoping that's still gonna be there.

As far as the rumors, I am hearing that things are going well. Work is going on around the clock for this refurb. It is still being rumored that there will be audio and new special effects. Guess we'll just have to wait to see what's announced by Disney about this at a later date.

I also wanted to touch on another great attraction that is receiving a refurb presently. The Hall of Presidents is said to be looking fabulous! As previously mentioned, Morgan Freeman will be the new narrator and he's said to have done a spectacular job. The new Barack Obama AA is said to be more technically enhanced than the Johnny Depp AA in Pirates.

Remember, there will be an AP preview for this attraction on June 28th. If you're gonna be there and get the chance to preview this attraction, we'd love to hear about it here!

The Hall of Presidents isn't one of my favorites, but if it's as great as I've been hearing, I'm definitely going to have to check it out on my Sept. trip.

Lastly, I'm still hearing some great rumors about the supposed Monster's Inc Coaster that has been rumored to be going in the Studios. This coaster is still a go and has been rumored to be something that's never been done previously before. A one of a kind coaster with what is supposed to be some top notch theming.

This is the thing I think I am most excited about. I, like many others, have thought that Monster's Inc would lend itself to a really great coaster ever since I saw the door scene. I for one, am very happy to see that Disney is still going forward with this and can't wait to find out more as time progresses.

That's gonna do it for today's post. What do you think about all that I posted for today? Are you excited about a Monster's Inc coaster? Do you think Space warrants an interactive queue? And what do you think of Morgan Freeman being the new voice of the Hall of Presidents?

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Michelle said...

I'm super excited about the possibility of a Monsters Inc coaster! That would be fun. And I hope they don't mess with the Space Mountain queue too much. As for Hall of Presidents, not sure I'll be there anytime soon - once every ten years or so might be enough. :)