Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Picture This

On last week's podcast, I talked about how a really great idea for a Mother's Day present. I thought that a cool and unique present would be for the family to get together and do a Disney Professional Portrait Session.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I didn't get much of a chance to go into detail and I got a few questions about it, so I thought I'd make this week's blog post revolve around how this whole thing works.

Now, keep in mind, I have not done this before, I have only seen it done, although my husband did mention that this might be something nice for us to do sometime. (I think that's the first time he's ever suggested getting our pics taken! lol!) However, I have found out some information that might be helpful to you all. When researching, however, I was surprised to find out that there really is spotty information on this out there, even on the official Disney PhotoPass website. If you have any concerns, make sure to give the phone number listed at the bottom a call and they'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

First things first, the Professional Portrait Sessions are only available at the Disney Hotels. As far as I can tell, they cannot be done inside the parks. Resorts that are included in the sessions are the Wilderness Lodge, the Grand Floridian, the Beach Club, the Polynesian, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Saratoga Springs. (Of course, with Disney, some of these hotels may change.)

The session gives your family one on one time with a photographer and the time length is around 30 minutes long. Guests receive around 40 images in a session.

Do keep in mind though that photographs from these sessions are not automatically a part of the PhotoPass Photo CD. Disney considers these to be two separate products.

That being said, guests who pre-order the PhotoCD or purchase it within the theme parks can reserve a Portraits session for $74.95 with proof of purchase (either email or receipt). Guests wishing to purchase only the Portrait session on CD can do so for $149.95. Alternatively guests who purchase the Portraits session but then wish to combine photos from the Parks may do so by bringing their CD and PhotoPass cards to any resort location for a fee of $49.95. (Plus the cost of the actual purchase of the CD.)

Disney does require guests to make reservations for this service and reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance. To reserve a time slot, call 407-934-4004. Times are seasonal, but sessions can be booked from 8 am to 7 pm. (Or sunset, which ever comes first.)

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Blue Line Bulldogs said...

We did it last December & would do it again in a heartbeat! There was 7 of us, including my mother-in-law who hadn't been to Disney in over 20 years.

She absolutely LOVED did the whole family. All 7 of us are going again in September & we may just have to do the session again!

Great idea Rikki!