Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Want to Sit Outside!

On last week's panel discussion for the Be Our Guest Podcast, we talked about choices for outdoor dining locations. And once again, I'm gonna piggyback off of the show topic and talk about some other really great places to eat at outside. Things that were so obvious, I'm not sure how we missed them!

First off, I think one of the most obvious places we left off was Casey's Corner at the Magic Kingdom. Nothing better than grabbing a hot dog or corn dog nuggets and noshing on those in those cute parlor-like chairs and tables they have outside. It just screams perfect.

Next, we're going across the street to another obvious one...and that is the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. Who can't resist that ice cream when you're it's night time and you're getting ready to leave the park? Or in the middle of the afternoon and you need something to cool you down. This is a perfect place to sit because it puts you right in the middle of the action on Main Street USA. It's like you're a part of the story!

Now we'll head on over to the Studios. There are quite a few places that should definitely be on your list if you want to eat outdoors.

Our first stop is Toy Story Pizza Planet. Now personally, I'm partial to the loud, noisy indoors section. I feel like I'm in the movie when I eat inside...however, if you decide to, there is an outdoors section right in front. Keep in mind, these tables go quickly, but it's a great place to sit and enjoy a pizza and a salad and of course, watch all the mayhem that occurs right across the street in the Muppets section.

I also thought we should point out all the restaurants that sit along Sunset Blvd. There are a ton to choose from, Fairfax Fare, Rosie's All American Cafe, Catalina Eddies, and Toluca Legs Turkey Co. This area has ample seating and is a great place to get good, theme park delectables.

Moving to Animal Kingdom, there is one thing we forgot to mention and that was the new Picnic in the Park option. Of course, with this option, eating outside is a must. And what a cool concept?

So once again, I'm sure there are tons of other places that haven't been mentioned...or maybe your favorite is something I mentioned either here or we mentioned on the podcast. Either way...Disney has got you covered in every park with a great option for getting a little sun while you enjoy your food.

So, where is it that you have to eat outside at every time you come down to Disney? Let me know here...or call the Be Our Guest Voicemail line and leave us a message we'll play on an upcoming show. The number is, 206-984-0858...we'd love to hear from you. And who knows...maybe your answer will inspire somebody to try something they never would have thought to try before. Maybe even me!

Oh...and as an aside, while I'm talking about food (when aren't I?), I'm working on the restaurants that I want to try to schedule during my Sept. free dining trip. Right now on my list, I have Cape May Cafe, Yachtsman Steakhouse (2 dining credits), Liberty Tree Tavern, 1900 Park Fare, Beaches and Cream (cash), and 50s Prime Time as probable yesses, but I want your opinions as well. Should I or shouldn't I choose these and why? Also, I'm looking for at 2 more meals for sure as possibilities. I'd love to get your takes on what I should maybe consider. I have not planned my days out yet, so the more answers the merrier...and I'm up for trying just about anything. (Remember, it's free! I'm into trying things I wouldn't maybe have normally picked!) Let me know about that in the comment section as well or pass me along an email at . :)


vgsmom said...

Outside eating always is dependent on the weather. Sometimes we just really need an air conditioned break, and no birds.

Cozyflier said...

Riki, 1900 Park Fare is GREAT! We love that place!!

In Epcot, we tried for the first time last year, The Living Seas Restaurant - AWESOME! 3HUGE windows into the aquarium, more than seafood on the menu. Our niece was with us, hates seafood and has food allergies.

Cinderella's castle is always fun to eat in, but you have to make reservations early!

The polynesian has good food, also the Wilderness Lodge has a wonderful restaurant don't recall name - something screaming canyon or some such thing!!!

Have fun!