Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bye Bye McDonalds!

Once again, today's topic revolves around that ever popular! I swear, I'm starting to sound like another Disney podcaster! lol!!!

It appears that all the McDonald's options are now officially gone from all the parks. They are currently working on the last remaining ones, in the Refreshment Port at Epcot's World Showcase and the one in The Studios on Sunset Blvd. For some, this tends to be a big deal. (Mike's daughter Paige. What on earth will she eat now while she's at Epcot?!) For others, I don't even think they knew there were McDonald's options in the parks.

For me though, I'm kinda torn.

I don't necessarily think McDonald's belonged in the parks. There really is so much great food all around that should be tried that, really, it wasn't necessary for people to have to get a meal from a McDonald's stand. I mean, you have things like Columbia Harbor House, Sunshine Seasons, Flame Tree BBQ, and well, pretty much anything else along the Sunset Blvd. to eat at. Why take that trip to get Mickey Ds treats?

However, that being said...I have fallen victim to the McDonald's trap. There have been times where Brian and I were hungry and he smelled the fries and said, I have to have those. Then, of course, I would sneak a few of them as well. So, we have indeed fallen victim to those delicious french fries. It was like when you smelled the had to have them.

I think this is a nice change though.

Most of the changes have already happened and revolve around your standard theme park fare. Of course, we know the fry cart in Frontierland had turned into the Golden Oaks Outpost, which serves up chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches and fries. And of course looks spectacular. Then there is the newest place in the MK to open, called the Friar's Nook, which sells hot dogs and fries.

At AK, they took Petrifries and changed it to the new name of Trilobites, serving the ever popular turkey legs. (And of course, it also appears that McDonalds is being removed as the sponsor from Dinosaur as well...not that I ever went on the ride, so I wouldn't be able to tell you who the sponsor was!)

The Refreshment Port menu at Epcot is now out and revolves around chicken nuggets and fry options. Plus they are offering what they are calling a Northern Freeze, which is Disney's new version of a McFlurry. Finally Fairfax Fries is being changed over, but no menu is known yet for that location. It might be harder for them to find a good menu for that area too, as pretty much every other option is near there already. I'm sure Disney will come up with something. They always do.

So, there have been lots of changes that had to happen, but it does seem that in most cases, Disney tried to keep the food as American as possible...and in some cases serve either more food options or similar options to what had been served in those locations previously.

Now, who's hungry?


Duy said...

Well, in my opinion, the newsest food they have should be with McDonalds too.
Like share menus toegther.. Get it.
Because for years, McDonalds have been working with DIsney.
I will miss walking into Frontierland and seeing the MCDonalds carts all lined up.

People should try the DIsney food too like you said. But try having McDonalds also.

JeffM said...

Very disappointing! My brother-in law and his family just got back from WDW. The one thing that I told them is a must is the McDonald fries because they only cook french fries in the oil and nothing else. Where at a typical McDonalds where they cook chicken, pies and fish all in the same oil. I don't care for ANY of the food there at Disney with the exception of Epcot foods. Our girls love to go, so I guess I'll need to find me another snack while I am waiting for the rides. Not a very good strategic move for either company and I'm sure it has something to do with some bean counter saving money???