Wednesday, March 4, 2009

GM May Pull Out of Test Track

Many of you may have heard the news on other forums, but it appears as if GM is in talks with Disney about Test Track and whether it can continue to be a sponsor for the attraction. Their deal with Disney ends this year and with all the problems that GM has been having as of doesn't look too good.

So, if GM doesn't come back as a sponsor, what would that mean for the pavilion?

Well, first I'm sure Disney would try to get another sponsor to underwrite the attraction. I hear that Disney could be interested in Toyota if the GM deal falls through. This would be the ideal situation. Another car company comes in and takes over...maybe making some changes along the way to incorporate their way of doing business. Although, once again, with car manufacturers having all kinds of trouble, I don't know how many would actually be able to fiscally sponsor this attraction.

Another thing that I've heard being tossed around is that with the new Radiator Springs area being built at Disney's California Adventure, Disney may put a character spin on the attraction and include those guys and gals from Cars. This one, I'm thinking might not be as likely. Sure, Disney is all about adding characters to attractions as of late (it seems) but I don't think this one is as good of an idea. It just doesn't fit with the spirit of the attraction...which is learning about what goes on in a proving ground. They'd have to make huge changes to make this one fit. (In addition, I have heard from some that it is not an option that is even close to being on the

The other thing I think Disney would do is nothing. Have no sponsor, make no real changes (besides maybe a rehab to get rid of any GM logos...which there are a ton) and just keep doing what they're doing. This, to me, is the most logical answer, if they can't get another sponsor, right away. They have other attractions in Epcot without sponsors that are doing fine and I think the same may be true for this one. Of course, the other attractions aren't as costly as this one either. And, the post show might be quite boring. Can't see what they'd add there. (Although to me, it's boring anyway...)

As for who I think might be a good idea of a sponsor...I know this is going to sound weird...but NASCAR. Not that I'm a fan of NASCAR or anything, but I think this might be up their alley. They could do a lot with this attraction to make it fit their needs and they would be a huge sponsor to have on board. But, hey...that's just me and if I were in those planning meetings who I might go after. And think of what they could do with a post show! I bet it could be fantastic.

So, what do you think? Let me know what you think might happen with this pavilion...because, as of right now, it's all going round in circles.

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