Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's Go To Mexico!

From reading my blog, many of you may have noticed some comments about the Mexico pavilion in World Showcase. And of course, because of this, there are some rumblings going on about something big happening there.

First is the fact that the San Angel Inn will be down for refurb in May (still rumored, but looks to be happening) and the food has recently been said to have been updated a bit. It's also being rumored that a tequila bar is coming in and has been for a year now. Then there's the bigger rumors that they will be doing some work the the Cantina outside...saying a new two story building may be built in it's place and it will be changed to a sit down restaurant, while San Angel Inn will be converted to a Signature restaurant and a new counter service restaurant will be put into the pavilion inside.

However, recently I'd heard that Disney was shelving a lot of their projects, but if this one gets through, I think it will help the sorry Mexico pavilion. Why do I say sorry? Because the food there is terrible! I've never been to the San Angel Inn, mostly because I've heard the food is no good. (And I've been to Mexico, had Mexican food...) So I simply don't want to take the chance paying my hard earned money to eat at a crummy restaurant. I also am not very impressed with the Cantina. The food there wasn't that good either. To me, Taco Bell is better...and I don't like Taco Bell that much either. At least Taco Bell has flavor.

So, to me, any kind of change, foodwise, should be a positive one to this pavilion. It needs it. I can't imagine it getting any worse.

Plus, I like the idea, even though I don't drink, of having a tequila bar. It adds another venue to go to in the pavilion, which, to me, feels mostly like walking into an overpriced market in Mexico.

I think a lot of these changes that are being tossed around will be such a positive to this pavilion.

I would be excited if only half of these changes were made...but if all of them were made and helped to enhance the pavilion, I believe it's an even better thing. Hopefully, the penny pinchers at Disney won't cut anything out of the plans here. It'll be nice going to a Mexico pavilion (foodwise) that's worthy of being in the glorious food heaven that is otherwise known as Epcot.

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Amanda said...

I live in Arizona and I can tell you we have some wonderful Mexican food.

I took a chance in 2007 and ate at San Angel Inn for lunch. What a mistake that was!

The atmosphere is wonderful and certainly relaxing, but that's all that I have nice to say.

The food was horrible - lacking flavor, not authentic, not even appetizing looking. The wait staff seemed indifferent during my meal and it really left me never wanting to return.

I am excited to hear there may be some changes coming and I've been anxiously waiting to see if the rumors will turn out to be true. I sure hope so!