Sunday, January 18, 2009

News & Rumors 1/12/09 - 1/18/09

News and Rumors are gathered from various different websites. One particular website is not favored over another. All rumors are rumors and are to be taken with a grain of salt.

  • The American Idol Experience is currently in soft openings.
  • Kim Possible has also been seeing some soft openings.
  • The Sonny Eclipse show at Cosmic Ray's is currently down. It will be refurbed until Jan. 31.
  • Most of the walls at the Golden Oaks Outpost are down. Signage is also now up, but the restaurant has not opened yet.


  • The show Dream Along with Mickey has been down for refurb this month and it appears that the reopen date may be pushed back to Jan. 25.


DebWDW said...

Rikki, what is the Golden Oaks Outpost? Which park? Where?

Unknown said...

The Golden Oaks Outpost is at the Magic Kingdom where the old fry cart in Frontierland used to sit. They are currently opening a counter service type restaurant there where, from what I hear, they will be serving some snack type food. (I think I heard something about some kind of chicken being sold there...not sure if it will be related to McDonald's yet or if it will just be a Disney restuarant.)

DebWDW said...

Ahhh. Seems a bit odd to add more counter service right near Pecos Bills and the El Pirata, but I suppose they already had the electrical run! I'd love to see some counter service over in Toon Town -- it would be fun to eat over there for a change.