Wednesday, January 14, 2009

AIE...Turns Out It May Be A OK

Cast member previews of Disney's newest attraction...the American Idol Experience have been taking place recently...and wouldn't you know it...some of that nay saying might have been premature.

From a good portion of the reviews I've heard, American Idol Experience has delightfully surprised quite a few CMs, including some who thought originally, it would be a complete train wreck.

They say the stage looks great, the theater is top notch, the lighting effects are incredible...and how could it not be? It was designed by the same guy who designed the actual set for American Idol.

A lot of them are also saying that it does have a repeatability factor, since you'll be seeing different performers each time. I have heard that the show is, of course, dependent on how good the actual singers are that have auditioned...much like the real American Idol. (Remember a few seasons ago with that who Sanjaya nonsense. I couldn't watch that season. Of course, you may get to see someone who's like Carrie Underwood or Chris Daughtry too...just never know.)

The other thing that I'm hearing the most about this new addition though, is that it really gives the whole Studio aspect back to Hollywood Studios. This show is put together as if you are watching a recording of the real American Idol TV show. And, well, anything that gives the feeling of the whole studios aspect back to this park is sorely needed.

And this is why I frown upon being a naysayer before people actually experience attractions. So often now, as soon as people hear about a new attraction or rehab the first thing they do is throw stones at it. Oh, it's going to be horrible...why on earth would they build that...that has nothing to do with the theme park it's going into...etc. I heard more people complaining about this sole attraction being built than I had in a long time. Usually there's one or two people who will post talking about how they like the concept, but for this one...all I heard was the negative.

As for me...I'm always the optimist. I will give an attraction their full justice and judge it based on my own opinions...not what others think about it. As for American Idol Experience, I've always thought it was a unique idea. It was an attraction that was being built for a park that sorely needed it and it fit the theme of the Studios relatively well. I guess it doesn't hurt that I'm a fan of American Idol. (I watched it tonight, in fact. Off topic: Wouldn't it be cool, next year to be watching Idol and seeing a person you saw singing in Disney World? Before they became famous!)

So, I'm looking forward to getting my first experience with AIE. And I'll be getting it sooner that not. I get to see the attraction during the Annual Passholder Previews...which I'm very excited about. It's my first time getting an AP preview, so it's very cool to me that I'll have some insider knowledge about this attraction before others do. And trust me. I plan on giving a full report of my experiences during an upcoming episode of the podcast, so be on a listen for that!

So, my advice, give the attraction a chance. You never may just end up surprising you.


Anonymous said...

Well said Rikki! I feel the same way. I can't quite figure out this attraction but am looking forward to experiencing it first hand. I find that whenever I question something Disney is doing they end up blowing me away with their results.

I too am an Idol fan. I'm a little embarrassed to say I've been to the last three Idols Live concerts. :)

DebWDW said...

I totally agree -- give new stuff a chance! I'm not an AI fan, but I will definitely go see the show once with an open mind. At at the very least, it might be a comfy place to snooze!