Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Need Some Pixie Dust

I'm usually a very positive person with Disney. What do I mean? Well, when a new ride opens, and the reviews start pouring in (which, in the Disney community, oftentimes seems negative), I'm always one to put the positive spin on may just not be an attraction for you. You aren't going to love every single thing that Disney produces, but there are others who love it. Or when there are cuts that are made...well, Disney is a company and they have to do what's best for them.

But, sometimes, the negativity can just beat you down and realize, hmmmm....maybe some of these people do have a point. When you look at the grand scheme of things and start noticing the patterns that some talk about, you start to realize that maybe they are true too.

This happened to me all too recently and I'm not sure why. Maybe it was all the things it seems Disney is taking away currently. (Now, whether it's because of the economy or what, I don't know...) When things that make Disney what it is, start disappearing, it makes you go, hmmm...for example, taking the characters away from Liberty Tree Tavern, making Fantasmic! only biweekly starting in January, taking away the Adventurer's Club, removing some of the musical groups from around property, and various other moves to eliminate Cast Members from jobs they've previously held.

Maybe it's because of the lack of real rumors we're getting. It seems as though Disney has some things that are coming down the pike, but nothing really substantial right now is getting out there. And of course, there are also those attractions that are in need of going down for refurb, like Space or Jungle Cruise, who's budgets are rumored to be so slashed, that what was rumored to be a massive refurb is now rumored to be a "do as much as we can to get by" refurb. Or when the Yeti is constantly on B mode now, and has been since June, and there seems to be no information coming out about fixing him.

Then there's looking at all the rides that have recently been built that are only "ok." Things like Stitch, Monster's Inc Laugh Floor, and in some respects, the Finding Nemo ride at Epcot. While these are fun...they leave me with a little disappointment when I exit the show building.

I don't know what the real cause is...but when you start looking at the big picture, you start wondering what is going on.

That's why I'm even more excited about Mousefest (which, I am officially going now.) Because I'm going with my mom who hasn't been to the parks in years...and I get to see the wonder through her eyes again. I know that's going to help me regain some of my pixie dust, as she'll really tell me, from an average guest's point of view, what things really are cool...and what aren't. And all the interference I've felt from the negative nellies recently will hopefully, be able to melt away. I'm almost certain it will.

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