Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're Celebrating!

So, as many of you know, Disney announced the next "celebration" for 2009 and sure enough, it was exactly what I've been hearing rumors saying it would be. Disney's next marketing campaign focuses on all the celebrating people do down in Disney. The first trip, your birthday, your anniversary, family reunions, weddings, quniceras, and even mundane things like first haircuts. If you have a reason to celebrate, Disney thinks you should come down and visit them!

And why not? Disney is one of the premier places to go to celebrate special occasions. I know I would go down to celebrate, that is, if my birthday and anniversary weren't in the middle of the know, when crowds are crazy nuts!

As I mentioned though...many go down to celebrate something at Disney at some point. It is the perfect place to go for that type of thing. It makes the celebration that much more special. And of course, Disney is always one to help accomplish making things that much more special. Matter of fact, on a lot of message boards and podcasts, a common question that is asked is what is something special I can do for this special day? Disney has helped to take the guesswork out now by creating a list with a bunch of ideas on their website.

Probably the best thing Disney is going to do though for this celebration is offer free admission to the parks if it's your birthday. (Or a $75 gift card or 4 Fastpasses for you and up to 5 additional guests.) What a cool option for people.

A lot of people give Disney flack for these celebrations, but I think they're kind of cool. First of all, Disney doesn't have to "give" anything away and these past few years, they've been doing all kinds of giveaways. This is just another thing that Disney doesn't have to do, but does because they want to. (And they want to entice the casual visitor to park admission...and come down to the House of Mouse for a vacation. I don't follow this whole thing blindly, I know what they're up to.) Those who give Disney flack usually are the ones who aren't happy with anything Disney does...I'm sure you've seen the type before. Me personally, I wish I'd be able to take advantage of this on my birthday...however, even though I'm voluntarily not taking advantage, I still think it's a really unique thing for people who can go down on their birthday's to take advantage of.

So, tell me...what will you celebrate?

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Charmaine said...

I happen to be lucky enough to have my birthday on November 13th. Which for me means a Friday the 13th birthday next year and being able to go during a slow time at WDW. I was planning on going next year in October but I changed my dates so I could go during my birthday to take advantage of their promotion.

I think the promotion is a good one and they made sure that pass holders and multi-day ticket holders get something also, nice.