Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Extra Magic Hour Rule

So, as you all may know, Disney recently is changing their policy for Extra Magic Hours. Instead of receiving a wrist band that is shown in order to get on rides, you will now have to show your resort room key at each line's entrance in order to gain access to rides.

Now, they tried doing this a few months back on a trial basis and from all that I heard, that trial went disastrously. Which makes me wonder, why did they decide to go for it for real?

One of the major problems with this new method is the hassle of getting the card out each and ever time you want to get on an attraction. And, you'll have to get it out for each and every person too. Because of this, you'll have to keep your cards in an area that's easily accessible. Which means that they'll be easier to loose too.

Another question is what happens when there are a bunch of people that line up all at once? The CM is supposed to check to make sure the resort ID is valid. But when that line starts to stack up, do you think they're going to spend the time to make sure that your resort ID is valid? I don't think so.

People are saying that part of the reason for the change is that people were wearing false bracelets and that's why they went to the resort ID as proof. So, ok, how easy would it then be to use a resort card from a previous trip if you're staying offsite on this one? Disney doesn't change their Key To The World cards that often.

The other major factor on why a lot of people are upset with this idea is because now, there's nothing to identify resort guests from non-resort guests, so it will be harder to get the non-resort guests out of the parks now. Which, of course, is what Disney wants. They don't want to kick the non-resort guests out of the parks. They want them shopping, eating, and spending any money they can. And if they can't get on the rides, that is all they will be able to do.

However, this makes what was already a crowded situation (because who hasn't noticed that during the early part of evening extra magic hours that the parks feel more crowded than they do during the day?) into an even worse one.

I guess I'll have to hold my judgement, best I can anyway, until I get back because I will definitely be experiencing this in 10 short days. We'll see then what it's really like.

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Anonymous said...

Awaiting the details on this subject for when you return.
I don't like the idea b/c it seems a "perk" is being taken away.