Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

It's almost that time of year. Time to get out the pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and candy. It's time to celebrate Halloween. And let me tell you...from personal experience, the House of Mouse does an amazing job with their Halloween festivities. And I highly suggest that if you have the chance to make one, you see it.

First things first, Disney decorates to the nines for Halloween. Just look up pictures of Main Street. Pumpkins everywhere, orange, white and yellow banners, and on the nights of the parties, they light up Main Street in purples, greens, blues, etc. It's a really neat effect. And that's just Main Street! Tommorowland had a big Stitch on the top of one of the buildings and a space alien on top of another. Other lands had big inflatables and various other "spooky" effects. Oh and don't miss out on visiting the Haunted Mansion! They go all out on the party nights.

But besides the decorations, many people wonder, what exactly is there to do during this event? Tons of things. First, I highly recommend you get a map. It's going to be imperative, since there are so many things to check out and they happen at all different times.

As for the actual events, number one on my list to check out is the Boo To You Halloween Parade. This parade has some of the most catchy music in all the theme park and I can't imaging that you won't find yourself humming it, at least once during your trip. (And sometimes, way, way after! lol!)

Some other really cool pieces of this parade are the Headless Horseman, who rides right before the parade takes place. You also don't want to miss the Haunted Mansion float and the gravediggers who scrape their shovels on the ground (Warning: this could be scary for be prepared.) Actually, the whole Haunted Mansion section of this parade is outstanding. Another really cool thing are the pirates (and Captain Jack Sparrow) and I quite enjoy the Goofy's Candy Company section!

Also another really intriguing portion of this event and in my opinion, definitely worth the price of admission...the fireworks show, Happy HalloWishes.'s spectacular! It gives off a kinda spooky feel, but is still light-hearted too. However, this also, could be a tad scary for kids. I don't want to give too much away, but many of the villians come out to help celebrate Halloween in their own grand fashion.

The other big reason to go to this event? Candy! Need I say more? You get TONS of candy during this event. Some of it's off brand type stuff (like those gummy hot dogs and hamburgers they sell in stores) but some of it really is the good stuff. I wish last year that I'd gotten to keep my candy, as I had a bunch, but since it POURED the night we were there, my candy got all sticky and I had to throw it out. :(

I strongly suggest trick or treating though. Even if you don't have kids. We even took our own Halloween bag with us and got even more candy. (The bags Disney gives are kind of smaller.) And, we went back in lines multiple times throughout the night. A great place to get lots of candy is along the path from Tommorowland to Mickey's ToonTown. That path alone has like 5 candy stops.

Adults often wonder whether or not they should dress up. My theory is, if you feel comfortable doing it, then fine. I've seen some costumes, both in person and online, that sometimes rival Disney's own characters.

Dressing up really is part of the fun. Last year, I dressed as a pirate...I might use the same costume this year though. It's the easiest one I have access to.

However, it's definitely not necessary that you dress up either. While there are a lot of people dressed in their Halloween finest, there are also plenty that are dressed up "as themselves." No need to worry either way. As I said, do what you're comfortable with.

Recently, a lot of people in the Disney community have been complaining about how Disney keeps pushing this event earlier and earlier each year, but I personally, have no problem with it. As someone who tends to like to go in September for many reasons, it's really nice to be able to experience this incredible experience. And if Disney didn't start this event in early Sept, the chances of me seeing it were usually slim.

I feel as if I've only just begun to scrape the surface of this party. Some things I missed talking about were the Halloween Dance Parties, you can meet and greet characters dressed up in their Halloween costumes, and I know last year, they did the Villain's Mix and Mingle stage show, but I haven't really heard anything about this this year, so I'm not sure if it's still a go this year.

Anyway, for those of you who are going...I really hope you have a wonderful time. I know I'm looking forward to going again! For those of you who aren't this year...get a move on! You're missing out on one of the neatest experiences Disney has to offer!

Happy HalloWishes to you!!!

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Anonymous said...

We did MNSSHP last October and it was a blast. If you have children I would recommend it, just to experience once. Getting dressed is fun too, you feel like you fit in much more.
Candy is all over the place. We still have some left over.
Rikki you're right, the parade and fireworks are a must.
Especially the Headless Horseman!