Thursday, July 24, 2008

To Cut or Not To Cut?

With the news that Fantasmic is only going to be show 2 times a week in January next year, with no clear explanation on why they are making these changes, many people are wondering why? Which makes me wonder why myself.

Why is Disney taking away the nighttime spectacular in a park that so desperately needs it. If you go to the studios, the majority of the attractions are, of course, shows. Many of which have scheduled times, which end mid-late afternoon. This park is already starving for more things to do to keep the day filled, as I have mentioned in a previous post, so taking away something that would keep people on property and in this park seems a tad bit foolish.

Some people speculate that Disney is keeping it dark 5 nights a week so they can do some refurbishments on it without having to shut it down for good. This is the least likely reason to me. Sure, there's the possibility they might update a few things, but I hardly would venture to believe that was the main reason.

Another reason is that the American Idol Experience is going to be opening in January. Disney execs might want to make this seem like a huge success, since it's really only gotten a lukewarm response from the Disney community. The thinking from the armchair imagineers is that if Fantasmic isn't showing, people will either have to leave or go see the grand finale showing of AIE. And wouldn't people rather stay and watch that then leave the parks for the night? That's a very good question and if that's one of the reasons for the closure, I don't think I would have put as much stock into AIE as it may seem Disney is doing. However, only time will tell on this one.

What is more than likely though, is that Disney has gotten projections that the economy isn't doing well and hotel rooms simply aren't booking up the way they had in years past. Therefore, Disney is cutting money any way they can. And I think this rings true, as it appears that all Disney seems to be doing is cutting anything they can in which they have to pay performers and Cast Members.

First they cut out Pleasure Island...which of course, housed quite a few CMs. Next was the character dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern. Next was the Pocahontas show at DAK...something that probably didn't matter if it were cut or not. Now Fantasmic. And it's being rumored that Block Party Bash might get cut to 5 days a week starting in January.

It's one thing to cut costs, however, to me, it's a totally different thing to cut costs where the guest might actually notice. Find other ways to cut costs. Release discounts on hotel rooms. Find other incentives to get people to want to come down. If people feel like they're getting something, they tend to react better about the situation.

Many state that the money Disney saves by not performing Fantasmic outweighs what people would actually spend if they stayed in the parks until Fantasmic was over. I guess only Disney knows for sure. I just hope they don't have to cut too much more. I was really enjoying the growth the parks were enjoying there for a while. It'd be a shame to have to go backwards.

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