Monday, July 28, 2008

News & Rumors 7/21/08 - 7/27/08

News and Rumors are gathered from various different websites. One particular website is not favored over another. All rumors are rumors and are to be taken with a grain of salt.

  • The Outer Rim bar at the Contemporary has now been removed to make way for a new quick service restaurant.
  • Some shops along Sunset Blvd. will be closing for refurb later this year. From Sept. 2-Nov. 22 The Once Upon a Time, Mouse About Town, and Sunset Club Couture stores will be out of commission.
  • Woody's Cowboy Camp and The Family Fun Day Parade are being shut down on Sept. 27.
  • The Kim Possible game that was tested out a while ago appears to be coming back for good. It will allow guests to use portable electronic devices, like cell phones, to access interactive features hidden throughout the park.


  • Rumors are still swirling about the new Monster's Inc Coaster in DHS
    It's been rumored, once again, that the Honey I Shrunk the Audience Play Area at DHS will be turned into an A Bug's Life play area.
  • Rumors are also swirling that The Little Mermaid dark ride being built in California is supposedly coming East by October 2011.
  • Block Party is rumored to be going down and being shown only 5 days a week in January.
  • It was rumored that Magical Celebrations will replace the Year of a Million Dreams next year and it's appearing to be true. Magical Celebrations will instead be similar to the Magical Gatherings campaign that was held a few years ago. The purpose of this campaign will be focused on celebrating milestones during vacations.
  • Chip and Dale might be removed from the parks for a short while. It's been rumored that Dale will be having some "plastic surgery"
  • It's rumored that the Earth Globe for Illuminations will be down for refurbishment starting August 13.
  • The refrigerators in Caribbean Beach resort may be a thing of the past with this new refurb that's currently going on.

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