Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The New ADR System

As has been reported here, the Disney Reservations line will be down for a few months while Disney upgrades it's software. It's also recently been rumored (and rumored very heavily, I think it might actually be a fact) that after the reservation system comes back up in October, this system will make it possible for people to make their dining, tours, and recreation options reservations all at once.

However, the most interesting rumor, that might actually be fact, is that Disney will now include an option to make these ressies online. This is the part I don't know how much I like.

Sure, it sounds good in theory. Making the reservations online will mean you don't have to call a long distance number anymore and that you can do it easily at your computer. It will also mean that all reservations will then be connected with your hotel reservations, if you are staying on property.

However, my biggest problem with the online opportunity is we all thought it was bad to try to get reservations originally for dates, I can't imagine how badly this is going to impact the ability to get reservations now. Hopefully Disney will come up with a way to block people from making ressies at the same time frame, that might help alleviate some of this problem.

However, what's gonna stop people who are "planning" trips. You know the type...those who really don't have a trip planned, but pretend that they do. It was a lot more difficult to actually have to call Disney, but now that they'll be able to make their fake ressies at the drop of a hat what's going to stop them from doing it? (You know, besides niceness for those of us who are actually planning a trip.)

With the easy click of a mouse, you will be able to make ressies, which of course, is a thousand times easier than actually picking up the phone and calling Disney. This will in turn, make it even harder for people to get the ressies they REALLY want. Real trip planned or not.

Another problem I foresee is that Disney's website is already seen by those in the Disney community as a pretty poor one. It's mediocre at best. I can only imagine how hard it's going to be to get online 180 days out at 7 am (I can only assume they will release the times the same way they did before) to make your reservations. If you thought things were busy before...I'm thinking you haven't seen anything yet. And how easily will all these people trying to make reservations crash the system.

Of course, I'm not all pessimistic...I do see this as being an interesting option, if they get the bugs straightened out. I just hate the fact that I already had trouble making reservations for the restaurants I wanted to begin with (especially since I don't know where I want to eat 6 months from now) and with the option being so easily available online now, I can only imagine how much harder and faster those slots are going to fill up.

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