Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's Jamboree Time!

Well, as you may have heard (or read), the Country Bear Jamboree is finally getting a refurb! Hallelujah! Wendall, Liverlips, Big Al, Henry, Teddi Beara, and Trixie, to name a few, have needed some definite lovin. It's took them way long enough.

Now, while it is still a bit unclear as to what they will be doing exactly to Grizzly Hall, I have heard that they plan on updating the audio quality. Which to me, is amazing. The last time I went in, which was at least a year ago...the audio quality was AWFUL. I was sitting near the front and could bearly (lol!) hear anything. As a Disney fan, it's hard to put up with that, knowing full well that things should be a lot better. I can only imagine what regular tourists thought when they went in. I'm sure they are not too impressed.

The show is still relatively decent, besides some of the songs being a bit inappropriate to some people. However, it is still in good shape for being around since the park opened. It unfortunately, just hadn't seen any love what-so-ever. Especially since they stopped dressing the show up for the Holiday Special. That really killed any fixing up this show got on a regular basis to begin with.

Something I'd like to see with the refurb, is that this show could also use some updated AAs...but we'll see what happens with that. As I mentioned, it appears that very little is known about this refurb besides the obvious fixing of the sound quality.

Now, I know this refurb is not real long, only a tiny bit over a month, however, I'm sure they can do quite a bit to this show in the course of a month's time. It's not like the Haunted Mansion where there are multiple rooms that need to be fixed up. This is only one room and a handful of AAs. Therefore, three to six months is not necessary.

I just really hope that for this refurb, they do as nice of a job as they did on the Haunted Mansion and bring the good old Country Bears back to their glory. Because the world needs some more rootin', tootin', and hollerin'! :D

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