Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is Fastpass Needed for Toy Story Midway Mania?

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As you all know, Toy Story Midway Mania opened up this week and it's already been rumored that Fastpass (otherwise known as FP) is causing havoc on the standby line wait times, significantly pushing them up to huge levels. Fastpass was not in use during the previews and it appeared that while the Standby line was long, it moved at a relatively steady pace. Now, with FP, the line crawls. Some have even said the ratio is like 10 FP people for every 1 Standby person. (Now of course...this is just an estimate...and not in anyway a verified number, however, I have seen it be this way on other attractions before personally.)

There are many who are against Fastpass and I am not here to discuss that today. (That is another topic for another blog post.) However, it does appear that on this attraction, FP might not actually be needed. Disney's California Adventure's version of the ride is not including a Fastpass why did Disney decide to create this type of line for one park over the other?

Another downside for having Fastpass on this attraction in WDW is that only the Standby line gets to experience the awesomeness of the Mr. Potato Head Audio Anamatronic which is something that every Disney fan needs to see in person. Now, I do understand wanting to essentially reward the people standing in the Standby line (and by reward, I mean give them something so they aren't bored waiting in a huge line and in this ride, I believe there are tons of goodies to keep people entertained), but if the Mr. Potato Head was one of the things that was publicized the most about this new attraction, why only have half of the people see him and the other half not?

My theory is, this is a new attraction...and of course, because of that, things are still going to need to be tweaked here and there. The use of the Fastpass line is going to be something I think that needs to be tweaked. So we do definitely need to give Disney some time. However, if after a few months things still appear to be uneven, I believe it would serve the lines better to get rid of FP completely on the attraction and only have a Standby line and possibly a Singles line.

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